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Looking for a way to save on purchases of groceries and essential items? Searching for discounts, bonuses, and exclusive offers? The Moja Biedronka card is a loyalty program that is one of the most popular in Poland. Over 5 million participants.

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5 reasons to get the Moja Biedronka card

  • Simple and convenient account management through the online platform or mobile application.
  • Fast registration. You can get the Moja Biedronka card in just a few minutes at any Biedronka store or online.
  • Participation in valuable prize draws. Regularly participate in prize draws, such as home appliances, electronics, travel, and much more. Gift certificates for any occasion.
  • Fast service. At self-service checkouts, you can use your Moja Biedronka card for quick and convenient scanning of goods.
  • Customer support. If you have any questions or issues with the Moja Biedronka card, contact Biedronka customer support.

How to get the card?

Loyalty card - a card with an individual number and EAN barcode, handed to the user for use, along with two key fobs.

Only an adult individual with full legal capacity and an active mobile phone number in the GSM network, issued by a telecommunications operator for the duration of the agreement, can use the card.

At the checkout in the store

To obtain the Moja Biedronka loyalty plastic card, simply visit any store of this network in Poland. Near the cash desk, there will be a stand with a brochure containing the card. store checkout with plastic cards available

It is important to know that the Biedronka card is free and does not require an annual fee.

On the official website

When registering on the Biedronka Home online store, a virtual Moja Biedronka card is created by default. registration form in Biedronka Home online store

In the mobile app

Just like with registration through the online store, when installing the mobile application, a virtual Moja Biedronka card is automatically created. mobile app login form

Card registration step by step

You can register the plastic card on the website or in the "My card" section. Here's an example of registering a Biedronka card step by step:

  1. Go to the official program website.
  2. Click the Register card button
  3. Enter your personal details: name, surname, email address.
  4. Set a new password.
  5. Confirm your details and accept the terms of using the card.

All done, card registration is complete. Now you need to activate it.

3 ways to activate the card

Activation includes online activation, activation through the app, or activation by phone.

Online activation

Activation is possible by filling out the online form. On the website, we enter the number of the inactive loyalty card and the PIN code, which is located on the back of the plastic card. We provide our personal data, including name and active phone number. Confirmation via SMS code will be required. example of online card activation

Account activation

Activation through the app

Activation via mobile phone occurs by filling out a form, available in the mobile application. The form contains user's personal data necessary for activation: name and active phone number. Activation in the application completes after correctly filling out the form and entering the SMS code received on the specified phone app activation form

Full video on how to register and activate the Biedronka card

Activation by phone

Phone activation is done by calling (22) 20 53400 (call cost according to operator's tariff) in Polish language 24/7, 7 days a week, in English language from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 16:00. All calls are recorded.

hotline phone

How to recover the card?

If the Moja Biedronka loyalty card is lost, damaged, or destroyed, no duplicate is issued, and the user has no right to any claims in this regard.

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  • Ewa
    12 February 2024
    Nie pamietam hasła. Zmieniłam numer telefonu podany przy zakładaniu karty do Biedronki. na numer 48 734106370
    • + 5
    • - 0
    12 February 2024
    Lubie robic zakupy w Biedronce
    • + 2
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  • Stanisław
    12 February 2024
    Lubię robić zakupy w Biedronce Stasiu
    • + 27
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  • Ilya
    12 February 2024
    Bedronka super...
    • + 3
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  • Maria
    12 February 2024
    Nie pamiętam mojego hasła
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  • Halina
    12 February 2024
    nie mogę się zarejestrować ,zgubiłam kartę ,gdy podałam nr tel nie zgadza się ,a teraz już kilka razy próbuje ,i nic ,rezygnuje
    • + 5
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  • Stanisław
    12 February 2024
    Dobry sklep
    • + 5
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  • Mirosław
    12 February 2024
    Kilka razy pytałem się u kasjera o kartę Biedronki i za każdym razem słyszałem odpowiedź, że w tej chwili jej nie mają. Czy jest jakiś łatwiejszy sposób jej pozyskania np wysyłając maila i następnie otrzymując ją pocztą tak jak inne karty tego typu ?
    • + 32
    • - 4
  • józef
    12 February 2024
    chcem otrzymac karte biedronki
    • + 5
    • - 1
  • Magdalena
    12 February 2024
    Moja mama została napadnięta i okradziona, w ten sposób straciła portfel, a w nim kartę Biedronki. Breloków nie może znaleźć. Czy musi poprosić w sklepie o nową kartę i potem założyć nowe konto na nowy numer telefonu?
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